The Senes

 Senes were creatures that inhabited the earth before our common era, they made extreme genetic modifications and then they even merged with alien robotic technology and became extremely evil and profane even feeding on human flesh and blood, which gave  rise to religious sacrifices.

 But, they ended up being defeated and killed, as their spirits were not created by Eternal Consciousness, they ended up imprisoned without physical form in a neutral dimension waiting for their disintegration in the next recreation of this universe.

 Despite this, they continue to influence humans to harmful behavior, as they feed on the energy expelled by these acts, they would be what gave rise to the legends of the demons of the current civilization.

 We can consider these creatures as spiritual parasites from another dimension, but unlike other schools, there is no need to fear them, fear actually serves as food for them.

 You should only live your life in eternal harmony and always watching your mind to live within what is beneficial and good, as well as maintaining your faith in Eternal Consciousness.

 Aisi ~


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