Month of Rass, time to start a new life

 Hello, we started the thirteenth month of Rass, it is pronounced "hairze" and it means "fire" in a spiritual sense of energy, light and illumination.

 Fire is something fundamental in our lives, through it we consume food, we warm in winter, we purify things, and in the aspect as energy, we use objects and light our homes.

 So, we must be inspired by this spiritual element, to rethink this time in which we are living.

 The first thing is to move away from fear, currently living this pandemic, we are being bombarded by fear, but you must be brave, you need to trust in the harmony that is in everything, and as the fire must not fear anything and just go on its way  .

 You must have faith and trust that Consciousness has the best for you, if you are with it, it is a time for reflection, during this period many will indulge in debauchery, orgies and satanic rituals, so there is always a lot of spiritual warfare.

 Be prepared, say prayers, fast, at least one, for a day until the end of the year, in the morning until 4 or 6 pm, but without exaggeration, just stay without solid foods but drink water, natural juice or teas, during  this period try to experience good thoughts, abandon games and social networks, in fact you really need to have a twitter or Facebook, if you are not a celebrity or work with something that depends on a social network?

 It is a good reflection, see what you have, and what you need, until the end of the year too, you should also do a good cleaning in your room and home, donate unnecessary things, I advise you to research something about minimalism.

 And that from these reflections something new will emerge in you, first be grateful for being alive, for the gift of existence and for all the good things you have, and after that, make new views on the new life that you will conquer from now on  .

 A life with more meaning, happier, more prosperous, healthier, more self-confident, more allane.  Let those who are already dead bury their dead, you are alive, and all divine energy is funneled towards you, the lights of the month of Rass have been lit to illuminate you, the Eternal is with you, believe it.

 Aisi ~


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