The revolt against the system


 Hœ, we often feel great indignation and internal revolt against the system, this happens mainly when we see the great inequalities in the world, when we see privileges and corruption, when you, being poor, are forced to work 5 months to pay taxes while the billionaires pay very little, when you struggle to prosper, but bureaucracy, fees, and even tax returns come to hamper you, while you struggle day by day to win for a little dignity, and the children of famous and billionaires squander  having done nothing in life except being born into a rich family.

 Yes, the system is unequal, cruel to the poor, it enslaves us and the rules of the game are totally against the common people and only a few are actually privileged, in this case it is regrettable, but understandable the revolt of many, although this does not justify a  life of pointless crimes or attacks.

 Some pin their hopes on socialism, but we already know that this system does not work in large societies, and that in any case the ruling power will still be above the common man enslaving everyone.  Which way to go then?

 The only way forward is to stop.  When the rules of the game are totally against you, you must refuse to play, cross your arms and focus on another system.  That means stopping powering this system, but what does that actually mean?

 You must stop giving this system an audience, minimize your needs, stop being a silly person who keeps giving an audience to celebrities, athletes and politicians who ignore your existence and despise you. When you destroy your quality of life by wasting your time with them, they get richer and richer at the expense of your naivete.

 Learn to use your time wisely, enjoy simple things too, minimize your needs and always save resources. Money and time are very similar, don't waste it on the system.

 Of course we all need some leisure time, but spend as little as possible feeding the system, everything is against you and your goal here should be to transcend this system.

 I'll give a simple example, some people are fans of sports or music, you can enjoy these things from time to time, but do you really need to buy a team or musician shirt?  Do you need to travel to enjoy these activities?

 After all, do you want to overcome your current situation or not?  

The system is your enemy and it is totally against you, but your worst enemy is yourself. How long do you spend complaining about life, but do nothing to change, have you read a book today, have you tried to increase your knowledge, have you done physical exercises, have you studied a new language? Or have you completely wasted your day?

 It is no use revolting against the system, it will not change any time soon, nor will it become violent and unhappy.  The system is a game, and we have to prepare each day to overcome it and transcend it, and the best ways are: refuse to play in some situations, stop feeding the system in what is not favorable to you, and improve yourselves to transcend it.  Let's go to practical examples:

 Refuse to play.  Here you will take as an example the male emotional life.  In apps, such as Tinder or paid parties, the rules are totally against men who in general do poorly and have losses in these places, so the most correct thing is to abandon the game, leave this app and stop going to parties, especially if your intention is get company.  Also, stop chasing people who have already shown they have no interests in you, don't think you'll win someone over, leave this friendzone right now and forget this people forever.

 Stop powering the system.  You may have already noticed that there is an entire industry trying to take advantage of you, using your emotions, fanaticism, ego, everything to profit from your misfortune.  Here you will find banking services, expensive wedding buffets, mortgages etc. simply live a minimalist life and let the system be fed by other fools, you must focus first of all on your quality of life, which doesn't have to be luxurious, just change your mindset and thinking in terms of peace of mind rather than trying to impress other people.

 Improve yourself to transcend the system.  Here it will be the most difficult as it requires perseverance and dedication.  Getting better is learning useful things, taking better care of your health, your mind, to have a better quality of life, it's acquiring more reading, more knowledge, it's eating better without the junk that the system gives you, and it's exercising, basically not sleep a day without becoming a better human being every day, becoming wiser, healthier, happier, and that's the real revolt against the system that you won't hear anywhere else.

 Right now there are thousands of violent causes wanting your soul, some preaching explicit violence, fanaticism, idolatry and blind obedience to leaders and ideologies, but they are all part of the system and they just want to use and discard you, but only here, do you find wisdom and deliverance, and you can see that for yourself by reading our message and seeing what we teach.

 May the Eternal bless you on youro journey and new life.



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