Big Bang never existed?


 Years ago when some people learned of one of the beliefs of our religion, that the universe has always existed, just changing its shape, many people ridicule us, saying we were unscientific.

 But, we held fast to the revelations that we received from the Eternal Consciousness, and we continued.  Today, the new theories of science are already heading towards the truth, towards a universe that does not need a beginning, a creation or a Big Bang.

 Imagine how many people died cheated into Einstein pseudoscience and many other hoaxes that we are forced to study, when the best answer would be for scientists to say they don't know, instead of imposing as dogmas some truths.

 In any case, we are on our way, towards the civilization of humanity, towards a new civilization that we are helping to build.  It is a difficult path, we even received persecution from system religion watchers, but we remain firm and with a clear mind.

 Breaking paradigms is not an easy thing, freeing people from spiritual slavery from the entities of this world is a great spiritual struggle.

 But, we must always maintain faith, hope and balance, always learning, praying, meditating and contemplating.

 Many new discoveries are yet to come, closer and closer to revelation, and the world will evolve towards a better and harmonious path within the new civilization and our philosophy.

 Keep on the path, learning and evolving always in Consciousness and Harmony.



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