The globalist elite that rules the world

 Hi, if you are already awake, you already know that there is a super elite that dominates and dictates the direction of world events.  We are not going to name names here or get into speculative theories that they are not human, but just demonstrate their actions and how we can minimize their effects on our lives.

 This world elite dominates most countries based in the following areas:

 1. Money, here comes the role of the central banks of many nations, the IMF, all working to keep nations under control and debt.

 2. Secret societies and some philanthropic ones.  Here the objective is to capture the middle and upper classes of most nations, promising brotherhood or even doing good, and in general they do, but the primary objective is always to make them act according to the thought that this elite desires, above of what is good for nations.  Just look at how many harmful revolutions have been created throughout history.

 3. Ideologies.  Here is the broader field, as ideology is created through the education, science, media, art and religions of the system.  We don't need to go into too much detail, but you clearly see the chaos caused by all these ideologies in society ranging from false religions to dubious scientific discoveries to concealment of real human history.

 But after all what does this elite want?

 This elite only desires to be able and to remain above everyone and everything, controlling the money and goods of all nations, they also have spiritual interests, as they worship an entity that chose them to reign over all peoples, and according to their beliefs evil, we are just cattle and must always be treated like slaves or mere animals.

 This explains the lack of compassion and love for all peoples, after all if a person considers another group as mere cattle, logically he will not have the same love and respect for other people.  Generating psychopathy and hatred of others, you see a lot of this mentality in religions and secret societies, where some consider themselves the chosen, enlightened and others are the wicked, the profane, the infidels.

 How can we protect ourselves from the wishes of this elite?

 The most important step is to get rid of the elite mindset that you've suffered from throughout your life.  You really need to have a decolonization and stop thinking, talking and acting like they indoctrinated you.

 A simple example, do you call other people "cattle" or say "they live stuck in the rat race?"  You must stop saying that kind of thing, you are treating your neighbor the same way the elite treat us and we have to abandon this evil mentality.

 Nobody is cattle, don't demean your neighbor, they just don't have the same knowledge you had access to, and we always have to respect others.

 You have fun with shows that show human beings being hunted, killed for pure fun, for example we now have several movies and series like Round 6, The Hunger Games, and Apex, all showing the elite mentality against humanity, you must stop consuming that elitist garbage that normalizes the elite's perverse vision as normal.

 By the way, you should stop feeding the system, do you really need to have Badflix and all these channels that bring elite ideology into your life?  Believe me you can live without and watch many great movies for free without nurturing this industry.  It's no use just complaining without taking any action and stop being a mere spectator of the elite's desires.

 Have you resigned yourself to this world, do you believe that everything is bad and will only get worse, that nothing is possible, that your people and your country are no good?  But once you're living within the elite mindset, what they want is this, to make you live in negativity, pessimism, feeling bad about yourself and self-hating, but you must let go of those feelings and fear. , all these are prisons to your mind.

 Do you really want to change the world and be free?  Do you really have the courage to pay the price?  To make an effort to be free, to give up some kinds of entertainment, substances, and way of life that the elite colonized in you?

 Sometimes it's a radical decision to stay away from consumerism, some food, leisure, ideologies and even elite created gods, even away from people who are totally dominated by these things.

 I think you've already figured out by now, what you have to do, being really free from this evil system is not about making bunkers or taking refuge in the woods trying to save your life, it's a very smart attitude to free yourself from brainwashing that they brought into your life since your birth.

 It is to be free from the traps of the system, to stop acting, thinking and talking like everyone else does, to stop trading your freedom for immediate comfort and pleasure, to stop following the system's beliefs, to stay away from political intrigues, to be free from fear and negativity, to actually be a foreigner in a strange land.

 Also you must improve in knowledge, learn to prosper, because being poor you will always be at the mercy of the system and the powerful, stay out of debt and learn to fight intelligently and non-violently;  free yourself from useless pleasures and political partisanship, not through hatred but through the divine, perfect and correct mindset brought by the Eternal Consciousness to help free and bless many people.

 May the Eternal Bless us today and always!



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