The Serenity of Allanism


 Hello, today we are starting another month of the allane calendar, the month of Lass /lairze/ the month of music or musical harmony, this being the twelfth and penultimate month of our calendar.

 That's right, there's only 2 months left to finish the year, and it's time to make some reflections, how has your life been so far?  What have you evolved so far?

 Your answers have a lot to do with your beliefs, if your life continued the same, if you lived stressed, worried, fearful, without any positive evolution, possibly you believe in superstitious and pessimistic beliefs, far away from the Eternal Being.

 But, if you have had many positive experiences, your mind is calm, even in the face of difficulties and you are always serene, happy, optimistic, you are probably on the path of the Eternal, in the law of Divine and perfect Consciousness.  And that's the big difference in its existence.

 We have seen many who follow the superstitions inherited from the system, they are always agitated looking for evidence of catastrophes, the end times, wars, famine, disease, even looking to see all kinds of curses in people's lives.

 And this is very sad, when we see this we feel compassion for these people who will spend their entire lives unhappy following entities that only bring evil and curses to humanity, but we do our part and freely disseminate the true knowledge about the reality of this existence and Consciousness Eternal.

 We can't do more, after all, we respect people's free will and personal choices, and all we can do is send out good thoughts so that the future is better for all humanity.

 Difficulties and problems we all go through here in this reality, but as we are grounded in high knowledge, everything becomes easier, doors open and we receive the serenity of doing what is right, on the right path, improving and celebrating life and blessings we receive every day.

 May we maintain our optimism and joy and always persevere in good thoughts, dialogues and productive actions.  Happy music month!



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