Where to escape from the current world?


 Hello, we know how chaotic the world seems and more and more lost and crazy, many crises, problems, threats of war and depravity.  So, do we sometimes get discouraged not knowing what to do or where to run?

 Some take refuge in virtual reality bubbles like online games and interaction, others in addictions and others seek violent ways to express their anesthesia and impotence against the reality that is presented to us.

 But, there is only one place where we can take refuge, and that place is within our divine essence, so we teach spiritual contemplation as something more effective even than praying.

 Contemplation is being silent in a calm place or in the middle of nature, just watching the events while breathing deeply, and unlike meditation where you try to stop thoughts, in contemplation you just let yourself flow wherever you want or you can also focus on a specific word such as: harmony, peace, happiness etc. in short, any word that makes sense to the contemplator.

 This exercise can also be done, listening to classical music and with an attitude focused on Eternal Consciousness.  By doing this, soon the answers will come and if you are in fact in contact with the Eternal, soon you will have the strength to continue on your path and overcome the great obstacles that we all face.

 It is always necessary to keep your mind calm and clean, the whole harmful system needs your despair, fear, apprehension and negativity, they need people to always live lost, and far from true hope and lovelessness, they want to keep us weak, depressive, fearful, negative, addicted and poor, if you look closely, this is what this whole society wants for you through their ideologies.

 But, we are not helpless, the perfect knowledge has already been given to us to get out of this system, and you don't need to flee into the bush, or seek refuge in the fictions of space agencies, but to free yourself from within, to decolonize yourself from all disease brought by this backward society and see beyond that reality.

 True liberation is mental and from that the spiritual proceeds.

 You no longer need to be enslaved by the negativity of the world living in the shadows and shadows, seek the Harmony that already exists in you and start rebuilding reality in a way that is beneficial for you and your neighbor.

 May this message reach those who have the flame of understanding to put it into action at this moment.



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