How to deal with enemies


 Hello, today we are going to talk about a truth that is not beautiful about humanity, which is enmities.  And unfortunately in this world we will always have enemies who are the little evolved people who live in our era.  And since most people haven't evolved yet, having enemies is inevitable.

 These people will hate you for various reasons that range from disputes at work, for resources, for other people's affection, for your ideas, for your religion, and even because they are jealous of your accomplishments, appearance, intelligence etc. And many will even try to take something. that belongs to you, and that can be your assets and even your ideas and creativity.

 We know how bad it is to think that the world is still like this, but we have to be realistic, in nature there are always conflicts of interest, and there are people who will even hate you for doing good to them or treating them with kindness and consideration try to help them, but we also hope that one day most people will know our philosophy and evolve to be better people.

 However, we have advice on how to act in the midst of a primitive society like the one we live in:

 1. Don't have enemies.  We know it seems incoherent to say this after what was said above, but let's get to the explanation.  Having no enemies means they can hate you and wish you harm, but you shouldn't be like them, you should only defend yourself, but never possess the hatred and resentment they harbor against you.

 What they feel or say against you is none of your business, you should just ignore them in most situations, not contaminate yourself with their hatred and even treat them politely regardless of what they think against you.

 Of course, in attacks of violence or defamation, you must defend yourself and if necessary even seek help through the laws of your country and only, but always with your mind clean of their hatred, rancor and evil.

 2. Pray for these adversaries.  Here we have something very difficult to do in a sincere way and only very spiritually high people can do it in a compassionate and sincere way.  But, it is a very important thing to do, because when you pray for your adversaries, it means that you want to keep your soul pure from hatred and resentment, not be like others who pray for their enemies with the aim that God will punish them, for that is not the object in true religion.

 Our goal is to keep our souls pure, away from the negative feelings and emotions of this world, it also shows the spiritual understanding of compassion for less evolved beings.

 However, this does not mean that mistakes, if they are serious, such as aggression and crimes, should go unpunished, because forgiving, praying and even feeling compassion for opponents, does not free them from the straight justice that must be practiced because it is right and not because of revenge. .

 3. Don't seek revenge.  In our philosophy we teach that you shouldn't seek any kind of revenge, if someone beat you, was stronger or smarter, you should accept defeat, review your weaknesses, prepare yourself not to go through other situations like this in the future and follow front.

 Seeking revenge is a big waste of time, and it shows that you haven't evolved yet, the time someone spends seeking revenge could be used to evolve and progress in life, so never seek revenge, seek your evolution and forget it.

 If you look at the news, you see many people destroying their lives seeking revenge and many crimes happen in these ways, when these people could have used their time, intelligence and resources to have a better life.

 No matter how serious the offense, humiliation, one day these people will receive what they gave to others, either in this life, or in the afterlife, so you shouldn't worry about that, the very fact that they are backward people, it is already a great punishment in itself and they will cry a lot in eternal justice for each of their mistakes, three times stronger.

 4. The only possible revenge is success.  There is only one positive way to take revenge on evil, and that is to be a successful, happy and evolved person.  Revenge here is just a metaphor that means moving on and minding your own business, progressing and evolving every day.

 Success and happiness should not be used to snub or rub in the face of other people, especially the bad ones, but because it is a divine blessing and is the right way for your life, and as for the bad, ignoring them is the best. way, even though they try in various ways to provoke you and drag you into their negativism, you must avoid them and follow your victorious path.

 May the Eternal always bless us with his sublime wisdom and directions for this life.



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