How to get rich according to our belief


 Hello, these days we have seen a big financial scam applied by a religious, and people both out of ambition and naivety and superstitious beliefs keep falling for these scams.

 But it is impossible for us to fall into some of these scams for the simple reason that we put into practice the principles of the highest philosophy.  Among these principles we have:

 The limitation.

 We know that everything must have a limit, so it's not a good thing to have an exaggerated ambition and greed, in fact, even in wealth we must have a limit.

 This principle also teaches us to never squander or flaunt too much, a minimalist life, far from consumerism and idolatry of expensive brands should be the rule here, just don't be a fool to buy a car or cell phone for triple the price when a brand simple has the same features.

 Not having debts.

 This is a difficult principle because we all grew up being brainwashed into debt, we ourselves have fallen into this trap in the past, but not having any debt is the best way ever, don't do it!  And if you can avoid credit cards, financing, loans, even better.

 Invest or undertake.

 If you just spend everything you earn, it's almost impossible for you to get rich, you should always save and invest between 10 to 20% of everything you earn, in addition to making an emergency reserve.

 It is also important to know how to diversify between stock market, funds and cryptocurrencies.  But, never leave your money in charge of other people to invest, you must study and make your investments yourself.  Never trust anyone or any company to do this for you.

 Financial assets and liabilities.

 Here's the biggest secret of all to getting rich, knowing the difference between these two is essential.

 Liabilities are anything that takes money out of your pocket like house, car, expenses etc.

 Assets are anything that puts money in your pocket like receiving rents, shares, funds, etc.

 Learn the difference and research other sources, after all "poor in general buy liabilities and rich buy assets".

 Take God out of the way.

 That's right, stop believing that God is going to give you something because you make offerings in church, give tithes, make a holy bonfire or all those superstitions.

 God will not give you riches for any of these things, in fact, wealth does not come by merit, but by simple and mathematical rules like the ones we talked about above.  The rest is just superstition created by some religious leaders to get you to donate your money.

 But does it mean that God does not bless us materially?

 Yes, he can bless us if that is His will for a specific purpose, but it usually has nothing to do with anything related to our good deeds.

 So, the right thing is not to mix things up, your wealth will come if you act rightly and take good care of your resources, as well as in the dialectic of doing what is right and the economic laws that we are exposed to.

 It is not vows, donations, or being good that will make you more or less rich, much less fasting and praying.  The wisdom for things to happen is already within you and this is your greatest wealth, just listen and put it into practice.

 However, visualization and rational faith in something we desire is something useful, after all we are children of God and as such we also have the power to perform miracles, as long as we do what is right for everything to come true.



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