What we think about the MGTOW movement


 Hello, as we have seen a lot of misinformation about the MGTOW movement (men going their own way) so we decided to make a small text about it.

 MGTOW is the most hated movement by all sides, by rightists and leftists alike and by society at large, but why is this so?

 Well, it seems that the philosophy of the movement is for men to live away from serious relationships with women because of the difficulties and current laws that are actually more favorable to women in love relationships.

 And what's wrong with that?  Why can't a man have the right to choose?  Why can't this one want to live his life alone?

 There is nothing wrong with that, some women are admired for deciding to live their lives away from relationships and marriages or having children, but for all these ideological currents, men seem not to have the same right and they are criticized for it.

 We have already studied the MGTOW in depth and we have come to the conclusion that it is not a bad movement, of course we should not fall into the generalizations or frustrations of some who use the movement to propagate their resentments and radicalization, but study all aspects without prejudice.

 And we came to the conclusion that MGTOW is a liberation from the interests of others in men's lives, for example some religions want to keep men on halters, depending on the system, totally dependent on family obligations and paying monthly donations;  for the state too, man has little value, always being used as cannon fodder in war and paying high taxes, and finally, there is the financial system that profits a lot from the market of relationships.

 After all, how is the wedding industry going to survive if most men don't want to get married?  How would banks profit from car loans so men can impress, how would the restaurant, gym, fashion and clubbing industry and even relationship coaches hold on?  Everyone loses a lot when a man decides to get out of this relationship game, in addition to the home financing industry and the psychological assistance market in the mediation of conflicts between couples and, finally, the divorce industry where they will have to pay attorney fees.

 As you can see, a man deciding to be single is a very big threat to the system that goes from traditional religions, to the state, to the very system of consumerism.

 But, in our religion and philosophy, this movement does not pose any threat, on the contrary, men should seek knowledge about human nature, the dynamics of relationships and be aware of laws and systems that do not benefit them.

 And if you decide to be single for life, we are not against it, although we do not defend promiscuity in any way, but we are not against relationships or marriages either, as long as they are in line with our philosophy, a harmonious relationship centered on growth of the couple and in the rationality of true knowledge.

 Therefore, if you are a man or even a woman who identifies with this path, you will find here a belief that is totally compatible with your non-judgmental lifestyle, after all, we do not want to make you just another pawn of the system, but to lead you to to be a harmonious and fulfilled human being.

 All be in peace.



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